The Amazing Tale of the Rabbi who had a YESHIVE in Nazi Germany



 the commander of the Eastern Front was  General Paul von Hindenburg


This story sounds like a Hassidic wonder tale, but it is completely true. The beginning of the story took place during World War I. The German army stormed the defense lines of the Russians on the eastern front and was forced back. The Russians had superior forces and a well-built system of fortifications.

The outcome of the battle was determined thanks to vital information provided to the Germans. This included diagrams of the tunnels leading to the Russian barricades. It was supplied to the Germans by Rabbi Abraham Kupferstock of Warsaw.

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The Rabbi says Kaddish for an Apostate Jew



Helen Fremont

This week I participated in a prayer service at a family celebration. One of the family members said the Mourner’s Prayer [Kaddish] in spite of my assumption that he had no such familial obligation. At the end of the service I asked him about it. His reply took my by surprise: “You’ll be amazed to learn that I am saying Kaddish for a Jewish apostate, who died recently, and who, apparently, was not buried as a Jew.”

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A View from the Target Zone

Haim Harari
January 2009

Haim Harari was born in Jerusalem in 1940 into a family that had lived in the region for five generations..
After completing his Ph.D, he became the youngest Professor ever at the Weizmann Institute in 1967.
He is currently the Chair of the Board of the Davidson Institute of Science Education at the Weizmann Institute and Chair of the Management Committee of the Weizmann Global Endowment Management Trust in New York
Haim Harari has made major contributions to three different fields: Particle Physics Research on the international scene, Science Education in the Israeli school system and Science Administration and Policy Making

His contributions to education include the establishment of a national tutoring and mentoring project, in which more than 30,000 Israeli undergraduates receive a tuition fellowship in return for devoting four hours per week to a child from an underprivileged socioeconomic background. He also initiated and established a unique science teaching center in which high school students perform all their physics studies in advanced laboratories and with highly qualified teachers, instead of pursuing the same in their own schools. Harari has been chairman of both projects, since their founding.

In 2004 Harari gave a speech entitled “A View from the Eye of the Storm”, which caused a worldwide sensation because of its insights into the problems of the Middle East. He eventually turned it into a book of the same name

These words are written a short distance away from the most northern hit, so far, of the Hamas missiles, which are methodically aimed only at civilian population in Israel. You may refer to this message as “A View from the Target Zone”.

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A Treasury of Photographs of Empty Palestine


Way to Jerusalem 1865


Hundreds of rare photographs from the 19th Century reinforce the conclusion emerging from the British Expedition’s map * The photographs were painstakingly collected by Eli Shiller, a Land of Israel researcher, and they can be viewed on the internet * This too is the opportune time to determine which of the terrorist leaders is actually a Palestinian

When I published the article on “The Great Map of the Empty Land”, I had difficulty in finding photographs that would support the conclusion arising from that map.

The map – which was drawn up by a British Expedition that made a comprehensive survey at the close of the 19th Century – proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the people arriving in the First Aliyah (1882) found a desolate and empty land, exactly as the author Mark Twain and many other tourists had described.

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The Path Traveled by Protestant Clergyman Nobutaka Hattori to Judaism



Living in the very heart of the Sha’arei Tseded neighborhood in Jerusalem, anonymous in the midst of a well-filled library, there is a Talmud Scholar * He looks like an Admor [Hassidic Rebbe], devotes his every moment to Torah [study], regards himself as a “Litvak” who conducts himself according to the customs of HAGRA” [The Gaon of Vilna, Rabbi Eliyahu] * 20 years ago he had been the pastor of a Christian congregation in Japan * His searches reveal the roots of our Jewish experience

“I was born in 1960 in Nagoya, a city of two million inhabitants. I was born prematurely and the oxygen of the incubator damaged my optic nerves. I was left with only four percent vision in my right eye.

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Threaten a Nuclear First Strike in Order to Prevent Extinction


(A Hebrew version of this article first appeared in Makor Rishon Israeli Weekly on June 9th 2006. Henry A. Kissinger in Newsweek’s issue of 2/16/09 writes about Our Nuclear Nightmare. He says, “A new nuclear agenda requires coordinated efforts on several levels: first, the declaratory policy of the United States; second, the U.S-Russia relationship; third, joint efforts with allies as well as other nonnuclear states relying on American deterrence;…”)


Nuclear reactor of Dimona

It is impossible to rely on the deterrence of a “Second Strike” or on the protection of “Arrow” missiles * The promise of the “American Umbrella” is worthless * Only an Israeli threat, with resolute preparedness to carry it out, may motivate the Americans to terminate Ahmedinajad

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Indiana Jones’ Son as one of the Righteous of the World


The vagaries of destiny are fascinating. Recently, I received an e-mail from which I discovered that the son of the scientist, after whom the role “Indiana Jones” was modeled, is one of the “Righteous of the World”. Furthermore, it turned out that this man, named Hiram Bingham had an indirect influence on my life.

Like other internet surfers, I too, am bombarded daily with dozens of messages and announcements which by experience I view with great suspicion. There are those messages which can be understood immediately as fictitious – whether it is the testimony of a person who tells about a green creature standing on his window-sill or swears he has rights to real estate on the moon which he is willing to sell for half price. Yet there are other messages that look innocent and serious, and only after thorough examination turn out to be the effusions of the fevered mind of the sender. Yet if one bothers to read the many messages, every once in a while it is worth the trouble when some real information arrives, exact and of vital importance that would not be available otherwise. Such information is the subject we’ll deal with today

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From Jerusalem to Kapetkevich, to Chernobyl and Back


This is a short story about a small wedding that took place last week in K’far Chabad. If you like, it is a big story, which enfolds the essence of Jewish destiny in this generation.

You might begin this story with the wedding invitation we received last week from our Russian relatives. You can also start from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986.

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The Big Map of the Empty Land


Yardeni holding part of the map Tiberia  area

A collector of ancient maps from Ramat Gan has an historical, treasure * A giant map prepared by a British survey mission at the close of the 19th Century, the scale is 1 to 63,000 * The map proves that prior to the first Aliyah [wave of Jewish immigration] the Land was meager and empty * It verifies the Zionist claim: “A people without a land to a land without people”

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Zeev Galili

In Jewish communities all over the world the question is asked, is the election of Barack Obama to the United States presidency good or bad for the Jews.

Did you lose your mind?

Before I provide my answer to this question I would like to bring you this story about the current American president George W. Bush. During the negotiation with the Hezbollah for the exchange of two captured and murdered Israeli soldiers for the serial child murderer, Lebanese terrorist Samir Kuntar and other Lebanese terrorists held by Israel, President Bush called Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and asked him, did you lose your mind? Why negotiate with a terrorist organization about the release of your soldiers who may not be alive? We have many US citizens kidnapped all over the world but we never negotiate with terrorists on principle. Negotiate with terrorists and every US citizen around the world will be targeted for kidnapping. In Iraq, for example, there are hardly any kidnapping. They know they will get nothing from us so they rather kill.

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