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The Rabbi says Kaddish for an Apostate Jew

HEBREW VERSION Helen Fremont This week I participated in a prayer service at a family celebration. One of the family members said the Mourner’s Prayer [Kaddish] in spite of my assumption that he had no such familial obligation. At … Continue reading

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A View from the Target Zone

Haim Harari January 2009 Haim Harari was born in Jerusalem in 1940 into a family that had lived in the region for five generations.. After completing his Ph.D, he became the youngest Professor ever at the Weizmann Institute in 1967. … Continue reading

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A Treasury of Photographs of Empty Palestine

Way to Jerusalem 1865 HEBREW VERSION Hundreds of rare photographs from the 19th Century reinforce the conclusion emerging from the British Expedition’s map * The photographs were painstakingly collected by Eli Shiller, a Land of Israel researcher, and they can … Continue reading

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The Path Traveled by Protestant Clergyman Nobutaka Hattori to Judaism

MOSHE HATORY Living in the very heart of the Sha’arei Tseded neighborhood in Jerusalem, anonymous in the midst of a well-filled library, there is a Talmud Scholar * He looks like an Admor [Hassidic Rebbe], devotes his every moment to … Continue reading

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Threaten a Nuclear First Strike in Order to Prevent Extinction

HEBREW  VERSION (A Hebrew version of this article first appeared in Makor Rishon Israeli Weekly on June 9th 2006. Henry A. Kissinger in Newsweek’s issue of 2/16/09 writes about Our Nuclear Nightmare. He says, “A new nuclear agenda requires coordinated … Continue reading

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Indiana Jones’ Son as one of the Righteous of the World

The vagaries of destiny are fascinating. Recently, I received an e-mail from which I discovered that the son of the scientist, after whom the role “Indiana Jones” was modeled, is one of the “Righteous of the World”. Furthermore, it turned … Continue reading

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From Jerusalem to Kapetkevich, to Chernobyl and Back

THE WEDDING IN KFAR CHABAD This is a short story about a small wedding that took place last week in K’far Chabad. If you like, it is a big story, which enfolds the essence of Jewish destiny in this generation. … Continue reading

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The Big Map of the Empty Land

Yardeni holding part of the map Tiberia  area A collector of ancient maps from Ramat Gan has an historical, treasure * A giant map prepared by a British survey mission at the close of the 19th Century, the scale is … Continue reading

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Zeev Galili In Jewish communities all over the world the question is asked, is the election of Barack Obama to the United States presidency good or bad for the Jews. Did you lose your mind? Before I provide my answer … Continue reading

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