By Asher Torren

“I am inciting you to confront, using all means possible, anyone who speaks out against the resistance, any means possible.” Thus ends a speech by a Kuwaiti University professor aired on Al-Jazeera TV on February 2, 2009.


The professor, who goes by the name of Abdullah F. Alnafisi, a graduate of the American University in Beirut and a Ph.D. in politics from Churchill College of Cambridge University, UK, has the United States as object of his projected confrontation and the “Jews”, cursed by eternal hate in the Koran.

Who will carry out the confrontation foreseen by the professor? Why, Al Qaeda, naturally, but the white militia members and the Ku Klux Klan, which the professor collectively calls “rednecks”, they might jump the gun and do it for the Moslems. Are these “rednecks” on the Jihad bandwagon, too? Why not? Jimmy Carter is a redneck and his bread is buttered by the Arabs. (Just a thought; Does Bill Clinton qualify as “redneck”)


What are the “possible means” for these attacks? WMD, Weapons of Mass Destruction, nothing less. Little “confetti” of anthrax, as professor Abdullah so casually describes to his kafiehed listeners, will do it. And, dear listeners, please do not to worry about supplies, “Al-Qaeda has labs, Hezbollah has labs.” They even “sell the stuff to Rumania and Hungary”.

Targets? Washington D.C. obviously, and while you are at it, do that big Nuke plant on the shore of Lake Michigan as well. You do all that to the “infidels” and the “cries of joy” of the Moslems will reach heaven, where a “real celebration” will commence


Back Into The Cave

An attack of WMD on America has been given a certain amount of plausibility by a number of government officials. In this case, however, if this honorable ex-member of the Kuwaiti parliament has anything to do with the aforementioned attacks on America’s shore and the ever-hated Jews, we have very little to worry about. You see, Doctor Abdullah F. Alnafisi, who claims he is not a cave-dwelling Bedouin, thinks the United States is located in North Africa. (His statement So), while the flames of the crematoria remain low among the old European genocide practitioners the fervor for mass killing burns strong among the Moslems.

Here you can see and hear the voice of Abdullah F. Alnafisi

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