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  1. Ester Meishar (Stern) says:

    Just to say Shalom and it is nice to get to know my uncle all over again.
    All the best
    Etti (Penni’s daughter)

  2. David Burkenroad says:

    4/29/11 Dear, I have just read After Long Silence again. I cried through the entire book. I have also written about Jews who survived Hitler, of which there were a million. My mother, the daughter of a Berlin Jew who married a Lutheran, obtained a visa, like hundreds of millions of Jews did. Most of the Jews who survived Hitler, were like the father and mother of Helen Fremont. They had qualities that allowed them survive. Helen’s father had indomitable will, which allowed him to survive the Gulag, and nost just because he was a doctor. His mother had what it took to survive as a Jew during the Nazi occupation of her home town. Her sister had managed to marry an Italian. Ms. Fremont’s parents are among the million Jews who survived Hitler. I would like to hear from Ms. Fremont (if she is still alive). I would also like to know how and where I can publish my essay. I look forward to hearing from you. David Burkenroad

  3. Ayelet says:

    My name is Ayelet McDonald nee Shalmon and I live in New Zealand.
    My grandparents were David and Sara Shor, who lived in Zefat at about the same time your grandfather did.
    In his memoirs, my father told us how he was also in Meron, on the balcony, when it collapsed. He was a child of about 12 and went to the hillula on his own, without his parents. He fell down from the balcony and was considered dead. When his parents arrived in Meron they found him with the dead bodies but shook hime so much in their grief ‘that he came back to life’, in his words. For the rest of his life he considered that a miracle happened to bring him back to life.
    As we were researching, my son Jonathan (who is a rabbi in NY) found your blog and I passed it on the rest of the family. We are thankful for your research and the newspaper page you have included.
    My grandfather had 5 children and at some point left Zefad to Tel Aviv. He and my grandmother dies in their 80s, surrounded by grandchildren and grand-grand children.
    Thanks again, and Chag Channukah sameach.

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